• What You Need:
  • shed in your yard corner
  • printed document
  • tape and pencil
  • black permanent marker
  • screws and wire
  • your common garden tools


Keep your lawn zombie free -I mean clutter free with this cooler than ice, garden storage system! ZombieWall!

It’s not really that I despise zombies that much or I had so much of zombie movies or the plants vs zombies app lately, this ZombieWall should be able to house all my garden tool storage needs from rakes, shovels, garden shears and a lot more!

It just makes everything so convenient from having instant access to the tools you need until the ease of storing them -no sweat! Maintaining your garden and planting greens under the sun can already be a bit exhausting so don’t pain yourself by adding more burden of finding the tools you require when you need it. Agree?

For additional tips on how to make your home, zombie proof- don’t contact me! lol. Til next time. See yah!

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