• What You Need:
  • sand paper
  • wood paint
  • white glossy paint (or any other color that you like)


Hi there! I like furniture with vintage designs. But I also love transforming traditional design into a much modern style. Since my siblings knew about this kind of hobby, they usually go to me during my free time and ask a hand to re-design some of their old furniture.

Anyway, I gladly do so and I always get that rewarding feeling whenever I finish my masterpiece and they tell me how much they love my work. The truth is, before I begin my task, I spend so many hours brainstorming about how I could convert old furniture to make it both attractive and more functional. Once, when I visited my sister’s newly renovated house, I noticed an old vintage cupboard in her garage. I immediately examined it and when my sister saw me, she asked if I could re-design it so that it would fit the style of her new kitchen. It looked really old and I had to get some nice ideas how I could transform it into one that would look classy enough. It was such a relief when I saw a tutorial online. With a few modifications on the style, I was able to present an upscale-looking kind of cupboard for my sister.

How do you put a “New” look on your old but still functional furniture? We’ll surely make use of some tips in here! Thanks.

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Upcycled Vintage Cupboard