• What You Need:
  • wood spools and corks
  • double sided tape
  • wood glue
  • embroidery thread
  • scissors


Do you like sewing? Yes? Then we are very much the same. I sew if ever I have spare time aside from reading lifestyle books and magazines. Anyway, whenever I started sewing especially when a lot of colored threads are involved my sewing box tends to be so messy. The threads of different colors all tangled and knotted around. I really have to cut into those knots to be able to use the thread again. With the use of this awesome diy project, I can definitely bring back the organization into my sewing -thanks to these Thread Spool Wine Corks!

I can easily find and use the thread color I needed for a certain work I have.
If you love sewing too, don’t get the same mistake as I do. Use the Thread
Spool Wine Corks not only to arrange your threads but also as an artful way to display and store them. Enjoy!

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Thread Spool Wine Corks