• What You Need:
  • paint
  • terra cotta pots
  • paint brush
  • small plant


Ever wished you have a garden of rainbows? My mom used to plant flowers depending on their color. We have daisies, volets, orchids and so on -it was lovely. It is quite expensive to maintain and collect such flowers. An alternative? Right -the neatly colored Terra Cotta Pots!

Your plants might not have the color attributes you require but your planters will. Get ready for some real definitively color coated pots called: Terra Cotta. Reason for such planter is that it is very susceptive to colored paint due to its composition. After the color painting is over – it is almost expected that the planter colors are pretty vibrant. So for a much lively garden at a more affordable approach use only -Terra Cotta Pots!

Terra Cotta Pots