• Tasty Recipe Showdown Week#1:
  • Tenderloin Recipe Face Off!

  • On the Blue Corner--
  • Cooks Name: ???
  • Recipe: Roast Tenderloin
  • Origin: Ballwin, MO
  • Quotables: "I live like a peasant but I get to eat what I want."

  • On the Red Corner--
  • Cooks Name: ???
  • Recipe: Balsamic Pork Tenderloin
  • Origin: Salt Lake, UT
  • Quotables: "Perfection and Quality - everything is tied up for something"


How is everyone doing? Are you excited for this week’s head to head match? Of course our challenge for this week’s Tasty Recipe Showdown will not be completed without the master ingredient! This ingredient should be the base item on creating these week’s fabulous dishes. So let’s cut all the chase right now and let’s go straight with the business! This week, the master ingredient is going to be a:

Pork Tenderloin! 

pork tenderloin

And here is our Tasty Recipe Showdown Contenders for this week! (Check notes on the right for details..) We are glad to feature both these mouth-watering tenderloin dishes! Making one of these at home will make your friends and families go mad! Here’s the Tenderloin Recipe Face Off!

On the Blue corner, sporting with smokiness and flavour from the grill, behold! The Roasted Tenderloin!(see Top Image) On the Red corner, armed with sauciness and a taste to recon with! The Balsamic Pork Tenderloin!(see Bottom Image) Please be reminded that we will close the poll by Friday 12MN EST -make sure you have placed your votes on your awesome bets! The most #of online votes will be named and declared on Saturdays! The winner for this Tenderloin Recipe Face Off will be DIYLife.co’s Recipe of the Week! Again, make sure to check on our voting poll and cast your votes before it gets too late!

Thank you so much to all our participants!