• What You Need:
  • Plastic Shelving
  • 1/2" PVC Pipe
  • A cutter for the PVC Pipe
  • Zip Ties
  • Shade Cloth or Thick 4 or 6 mil Plastic Sheeting


Hi Green Thumbs! Seedlings, like human beings, need tender loving care. They need to be given the right nutrition and the right shelter so that they will grow into the kind of plant we want to see. This can be accomplished with the use of this awesome diy project: the Summer Grow Table!

I grow plants all throughout the year, but I make sure that I keep them protected from the harmful elements of weather. You can also use this Summer Grow Table during the winter season! During winter, seedlings tend to be exposed to the frost and if they are not placed in a safe area they will eventually freeze and wilt. On the other hand, during summer season, the terrible heat of the summer sun would tend to fry the seedlings. This is why it is extremely important to build a Summer Grow Table for them to grow steadily. Basically, the things needed for this project include the nursery shade cloth for the summer and plastic sheeting for the winter, half an inch of PVC pipe, plastic shelving zip ties and a cutter for the pipe. When I built my grow table I had two more other companions who helped me assemble the tables and zip tie the legs together. It would be hard if a person will do this kind of task alone.

Do you have proven techniques to grow your plants on different seasons? Thanks for the sharing!

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Summer Grow Table