• What You Need:
  • scrap stained 1"x6" Redwood
  • old picture frame
  • scrap wire meshscrap 1"x12" Redwood
  • caulk
  • cactus mix soil
  • moss and succulent cut-lings
  • table saw
  • finish nail gun
  • wire snips


Hi there! How are we doing? With all the numerous kinds of wall decor ideas, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to choose for a home or building structure. Actually, I have mentioned that because I recently went through a challenging time looking for the right kind of wall art to display in our newly renovated dining room. I figured that a large painting of flowers is quite common already, so I asked some of my friends if they have new and fresh ideas. Good enough, one of my friends suggested that I could try a Succulent Wall Art she found online since it would be perfect for my dining room’s atmosphere.

Well, I’ve got no idea about such Succulent Wall Art, but as I did my research, I found out that the suggested wall decor is indeed an excellent one for me. I especially love the idea because it does not cost a fortune. In fact, most of the materials in that wall art are available in my garden. With the help of my kids, I was able to finish two frames that I hang up on the walls of our new dining room. They looked really nice that when one of our guests went inside the house she actually asked how much it costs, thinking that the Succulent Wall Art is an expensive art piece!

Do you have any out of the box ideas such as this project? We’d like to feature you! Just give us your feedback below!

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Succulent Wall Art