• What You Need:
  • spade
  • organic matter
  • compost
  • organic fertiliser
  • mulch
  • herb seedlings
  • pond materials
  • cardboard
  • long stake


Hi there! I’m so excited about this next project. Gorgeously arranged herbs in one awesome package perfect for a vacant spot or corner within your lawn area -Spiral Herb Garden!

I love how these greens are arranged to each other. The key into producing a great output here is the choice of herbs to plant. Just ensure that neither of the plants are planted to big else the proportion and your arrangement of the plants will just go unnoticed. I strongly suggest that you pick the right rocks for this project. Slated and colored rocks are preferable as we need to somehow depict how the spiral is moving. Also take note of the variation within the plants, rocks and other garden materials. Remember we are doing a mini garden here so it will be nice to take note that you have a variety of these cute little herbs and so with other decorative stuff. I hope you enjoy building this Spiral Herb Garden. If you are to design such project what items do you think fits this spiral garden?

Spiral Herb Garden