• What You Need:
  • white vinegar
  • rice
  • bottle top brush
  • bottle brush
  • dish soap


Hi Everyone! Got tots or small children in the house? Have you been in despair trying to clean out all the milk residues and smell on their plastic bottles? Here’s how! Sippy Bottle Cleaning Tutorial!

Okay you can now forget all those unsuccessful cleaning trials. This ¬†tutorial will provide ou with the step by step procedures on how to execute bottle cleaning in a breeze but with utmost quality.(we only want the best for our kids right?) There are difficult to clean corners on those sippy bottles and when left unclean for the next few hours the smell builds up too. most people do go with boiling the stuff but the plastic made bottles aren’t that sturdy for such pressure.

I hope you find this useful as much as I do? Do you have anything else that requires difficult cleaning? Let us know and we will post the best diy solution for you!

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Sippy Bottle Cleaning