• What You Need:
  • sheet metal
  • bamboo sticks
  • hot glue gun/ hot glue sticks
  • dremel
  • metal snips


Hi Everyone! How would you like a nice elegant looking table decor? The craft is somehow Asian inspired with its trendy built: the Sheet Metal Bamboo Candle Holder!

Being very stylish and sturdy, the Sheet Metal Bamboo Candle Holder is best used for altars and other areas where candles are used frequently. They could be made at home, provided you have the important tools and the know-how of the process. Aside from the sheet metal and the bamboo, you also need metal snips, dremel and hot glue gun with glue sticks. You can also use any style of sheet metal that is readily available in hardware stores. The bamboo stick can be bought in craft stores, and usually, one stick could be cut into four pieces that would be perfect for a regular-sized candle. Very easy to do. Right?

So, how about you? Can you tell us what other fancy table pieces can complement this fabulous center piece? We’d love to hear from you!

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Sheet Metal Bamboo Candle Holder