• What You Need:
  • fresh herbs
  • plant soil
  • recycled bottles (halved)
  • 2"X2" square screen
  • strings


Hey guys! How are you? Do you feel like you need to have something done automatically? It’s just about saving time regarding how you do your usual stuff. Talking about gardening, these guys know exactly how to take care of themselves with or without you in sight- Self-Watering Planters!

This will require some skills on cutting bottles into half. Please make sure you devote ample time to exactly know how to get this done in order from you to avoid being hurt. If its kinda complicated -you can try using plastic bottles as an alternative to the glass ones. The main goal here is to ensure that your string will connect the water reservoir and the soil to keep it watered and moist. Enjoy!

Self-Watering Planters