• What You Need:
  • prepared ingredient like fruits or dessert in cups
  • traditional or numbered dice


Hello guys! Recently, I got this idea to mix games with their meal and I got this great idea about Roll a Recipe from Delia of deliacreates.com.

Being the mother of three young kids can be hard, but I really enjoy it since I love my kids, and it helps bring out the fun side of me too since I get to play with them always. I know it is important to help them eat foods that they need but won’t usually eat, so I incorporate play with meal time too.

This do it yourself activity really helped my kids learn more about numbers, but at the same time, not let it be a boring activity. I would really have to thank Delia, who thought up of this amazing learning yet fun activity for my three kids.

Now, they are all excited about meal time! What fun activities can you think of to encourage your kids to eat healthy foods?

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Roll a Recipe