• What You Need:
  • smooth river washed stones
  • painters blue tape or masking tape
  • some E6000 glue


Hi Everyone! Apart from the kitchen, the flower garden is my favorite place to hang out whenever I am at home. Looking at the beautiful and colorful plants around me is a real stress-reliever. That is why I always find time to work in the garden once in a while.

One of my neighbors might have noticed my passion for landscaping because she shared to me a this cool site, doodlecraft.blogspot.com that showed tips on making a rock garden arrangement called Rock Towers! I got excited when I saw photos and suggestions from Natalie, the site owner. Since I already have a collection of smooth, flat stones, I immediately made a rock tower for some of my large pots! After the I finished a couple of towers I was astonished- they looked so amazing!

To get complete details and illustrations about this project, please visit —>

Rock Towers