• What You Need:
  • shovel
  • level
  • scroll saw
  • old tires
  • strong garden foil
  • sand
  • decorative gravel and pebbles
  • big stones
  • plants


Got your shovels with you? C’mon and let’s dig some dirt! I’m so excited to tell you about this next project: Recycled Tires Pond!

Who knows that your old tires can be a part of something really ecstatic! I guess what people really does love about sight seeing and nature is either the sun, sand, the terrain, plants or water. Any of these can be themes by a professional photographer. That goes well the same for a person who loves a perfect garden -water works. Hiring a pro to do this will definitely cost you a lot so here’s an alternative solution: Recycled Tires Pond!

Having a pond in the convenience of your own backyard is a great feeling. If you live in a highly urbanized area, its more likely that you can only come across a stream or river on family outing or trips. This shouldn’t be the case as you have a choice. If you are a garden freak like me (excuse me for the term but I’m totally mad about nature and gardening aside from diy) this project is an awesome find. It is totally -a must try.

Feel as creative as you can be. You can also bring in some small fishes or aquatic plants with it for a more nature like feel. If you will have this awe-inspiring mini pond outside your house would you feel the same? Thanks for your feedback!

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Recycled Tires Pond