• What You Need:
  • plastic grocery bags
  • parchment paper
  • fabric for handles and decor
  • iron


How are you guys doing? My kids love coming along with me to the grocery each time. So in order to teach them a thing or two about what we need to do in the grocery, I decided on a do it yourself activity of making Recycled Grocery Totes!

I assigned my eldest, 11 year old doing the greens and she knows well enough which these are, and my 2-1/2 in charge of milk, while the 5 year old in charge of breads.

I got the idea from this site, danamadeit.com. I’d like to thank Dana for giving us the word to share this great idea of a fun activity for me and my kids. These things will also help out when we are doing the grocery since they will be in charge of each of the bags they helped in making. Hope you guys find this as useful too! Have fun!

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Recycled Grocery Totes