• What You Need:
  • power saw
  • marker
  • level or t-square
  • 1 × 6 lumber, 14 linear feet
  • 1 pc. of 38 1/2-inch 1 x 2
  • 40 x 16-inch pc. sanded plywood
  • 1/2-inch square dowel rod
  • light-duty #3 double-loop chain
  • box of 1 1/2-inch coarse thread wood screws
  • eyehooks and 1/8-inch s-hooks
  • continuous (piano) hinge 36 inch. long
  • high-quality wood glue
  • decorative latch
  • hanging mounts
  • sandpaper
  • wood filler
  • exterior stain or paint


This next project we have deals and specializes with hardworking people. Some people just loooove working even though its time to take their lunch. Agree? These people might be car mechanics working on your vehicle or helpers cleaning up your lawn. You can actually “give back” their efforts by having this diy project on the ready -Outdoor Buffet Station!

You can work this out for your own but just taking a close look on the materials involved, you might want to have your friend or neighbor to stop by so that you can cut the time involved into making this piece. Is it that hard-really? Let’s put it this way, if you are an organized person and you have this special skill of remembering accurate information then the jobs on you. Still having a second hand to assist will be worthwhile as you can actually accomplish two things at a time. One of you can do the wood works like cutting and painting the buffet frame. While the other works on the wall mounts and metal attachments that will hold the whole piece together to stick on to the wall.

Anyway I’ll leave the strategy for you to further analyze. Just imagine -having the ability to serve food right outdoors for people who are always “on the go” -people who likes eating while working. They will definitely appreciate you and your project for that. In addition, its just like a having a miniature pantry outside the house so if you feel like eating outdoors then this baby is just right for you!

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Outdoor Buffet Station