• What You Need:
  • tin cans
  • screwdriver and a hammer
  • pipe cleaners
  • felt papers
  • scrap materials
  • hot glue gun
  • wheat grass


Hi everyone! Finding a fun activity for my kids is a lot easier now thanks to websites like deliacreates.com, which is a do it yourself site. With its creative ideas, the activity I am looking forward to doing is this Toy Story inspired: Mr. Recycle Head Man!

If you watched Toy Story, this character might be similar to Mr. Potatohead, but this time you are using recycled materials, and you will be doing some wheat grass growing for the hair too. All the instructions are clear from the website and I know my kids and I will have a great time doing this fun activity.

What cool animated characters can you think of that can be built using recycled materials? What certain recycled materials will you use?

To get complete details and illustrations about this project, please visit —>

Mr. Recycle Head Man