• Ingredients:
  • 120g sky blue modelling paste
  • 100g brown fondant
  • 60g light brown fondant
  • 10g white fondant
  • 50g green modelling
  • Black sugar pearls for the eyes


Hello friends! What we have on menu today is something nice and really crafty: Monkey Cupcakes!

Now you have a recipe that you and your kids will not only have fun eating but at the same time you will also enjoy doing!

Again for me, experimentation is the name of the game. I already tried the orangutan version (orange fondant), the ape version (black fondant) and guess what? My kids and I just have loads of fun! It’s not only good as a recipe cupcake but you can also consider it as a great past time to help engage your little ones in the kitchen. Tweak your creations do it some other way. The next time we will be doing such cupcakes, I’m planning to do like a mini “zoo” by creating different kinds of animals -how about you?

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Monkey Cupcakes