• What You Need:
  • rounder disinfectant wipe containers
  • 2 ft. long wood piece (1 in. thick/ 6 in. wide)
  • knobs
  • papers
  • permanent marker
  • kitchen shears
  • spray paint
  • metal hooks
  • power drill (for boring holes)
  • paper sanders


Still enduring the everyday mess on your work desk or room? You don’t have to. No clutter can ever mess up with these fantastic recycled pieces: Hanging Storage Bins!

Convenient and easy to use (not mentioning its also nice to look at compared to a bunch of clutter..) this baby sports a handy structure for quick access whether you are storing or retrieving your stuffs. Thanks to its brilliantly designed bins that easily slides through the installed wall knobs of the project. I like creating bracelets for my kids so I’m really happy that I can now have something to organize my decorative pieces! I also have a lot of cords at my work desk like usb cables, cell phone and laptop chargers, earphones, extension cords, adaptors and all that stuff. I don’t want to keep them inside my cabinets since I use every single one of them and I want to be able to get them easily when needed. However, it really makes me ill to see all those wires in bunches getting all tangled up like crazy! Good thing I won’t deal with such headaches anymore with this Hanging Storage Bins!

Special thanks to our friends at makeit-loveit.com who gladly shared this awesome diy craft with us. This project speaks a lot about fuctionality! You guys were great!

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Hanging Storage Bins