• What You Need:
  • leather stamping kit (letter stamps, setter, hammer)
  • leather or faux leather
  • Crop-A-Dile tool (or any heavy duty hole punch)
  • scissors (and/or an X-Acto/ruler depending on how thick your leather is)
  • twine


Hi! Creativity is a great asset in any kind of undertaking. That is why I am very thankful for having this trait. I get to have fun while being productive in my work because I know that my ingenuity will result to a very fulfilling output. Coupled with my creativity is hard work, of course. Back then, I painstakingly do my tasks by researching about ideas on books. But now, it is a lot easier to search for inspiring designs and style through the World Wide Web. However, I always make it a point to come up my own version of the designs and products I have seen online. Just like what I did when I found this tutorial: Leather Stamped Tags!

I was thankful about the tips included in the tutorial, especially in sourcing out leather and faux leather. But then, I had my own creative mind work and so I came up with different shapes of Leather Stamped Tags that I eventually sold to my neighbors and friends. Most of them have repeat orders of personalized tags until I found myself enjoying my time in teaching others to make leather stamps but you know, for me it’s pretty much a fun hobby. If you are actually looking for easy business ideas you can actually try to learn this Leather Stamped Tags and create a version of your own. Who knows you might have a nice business career
ahead of you!

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Leather Stamped Tags