• What You Need:
  • jute
  • any type of vase
  • glue gun
  • hot glue stick


Hey Guys! How are you? I love collecting vases of all sizes, shapes, designs and materials. In fact, I have acquired more than two hundred kinds of vases already. I started accumulating such items since I graduated.  My friends tell me I am an obsessed vase collector, and they frequently wonder what kind of satisfaction I gain from having such assortment of stuff. Well, I really cannot explain it. I just feel happy whenever I look at the vases displayed on the shelves. But the best vases I treasure are the ones I designed. Yes, I actually designed almost half of my vase collection. I want to tell you a great find I had: Jute Covered Vase!

I started doing it when I read a blog about a diy Jute Covered Vase that was made of glass. It was written from the decoratingfiles.com, of our good friend, Peggy. Thanks for the share Peggy! I guess I was inspired to make a personalized vase because I wanted my collection to have some personal touch. Aside from that, I thought that wrapping up a glass vase with jute looks really nice, just like the photos that were posted on Peggy’s blog. It was also very easy to do since I just made use of a easy methods. It did look pretty! I also want to create several Jute Covered Vases in my own style! Such a simple project was then followed by more creative design ideas. I learned to experiment on different kinds of materials, most of which are bits and pieces of fabric, plastics and beads. I realized it is not only fulfilling to collect vases. It is much more fulfilling to be resourceful and creative in transforming plain things into unique and lovely creations. I just enjoy searching about different do-it-yourself projects and then trying to create them whenever I have free time. Thanks to many bloggers out there who unselfishly share their creative ideas to people like me. I can now call myself a certified vase designer!

Have you designed any kind of vases of your own lately? Share it with us! We’d like to hear from you!

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Jute Covered Vase