• What You Need:
  • cotton fabric
  • ironing board
  • fabric scissors
  • elastic (1/4 wide)
  • straight pins
  • safety pins


Hi everyone! It’s an embarrassing confession but when I just started how to iron my own clothes there times that the iron gets too hot that the covers got burned of some sort. If you had the same experience like I do here’s one way to resolve it: Ironing Board Covers!

This is a neat and very functional DIY project not only for moms but for those people who does their own clothes. Pressing your clothes like pants or shorts makes you really feel responsible -really, I felt like I’m in control of my own life when I took the ironing chores from my mom back then. It works the same way as cooking sometimes things don’t work as planned and you ended up burning the pan cakes -that’s completely fine there’s always that first time. With this project you don’t have to be paranoid on getting those covers damaged as you know for yourself you have the ability to get it fixed¬†-maybe even prettier with a different ironing board cover!

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Ironing Board Covers