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  • Unlike what you have heard to other people, you don't need tons of hard work to make your lawn healthy. Just be strategic and seek expert advise from time to time.

Hi Folks! Despite my tight schedule, I always make it a point to find some time to play with my children outdoors. Good thing we enjoyed it every time. Thanks to our nicely maintained and healthy lawn!

Growing a lush, healthy lawn takes an adequate amount of a person’s time, money and effort. I have invested in lawn mowing equipment because I wanted to make sure that my lawn is always maintained properly. It was a good thing that with the help of some guidelines I read online, I was able to achieve the kind of lawn that is resistant to diseases and weeds. It was an article about the best practices of maintaining lawn. According to the write-up, one important rule is watering the turf grass depending on the geography and climate of an area. It would be best if a lawn receives about an inch of irrigation or rainfall water each week. It also suggested tips about proper seeding techniques as well as the installation of sod to grow new turf. In doing this, I made sure that I consulted the right person to help me apply a selective weed control management and of course the establishment of proper schedule for watering. As I kept on discovering things about healthy lawn maintenance I also learned the importance of aerating and landscaping it. This includes the stimulation of root growth, relief of soil compaction and the improvement of air, water and nutrient saturation. You can definitely achieve a great lawn to enjoy with. Just make sure you got the knowledge and the effort to make it all work out!

Do you have any issues or problems with regards to achieving a healthy lawn? What specific steps have you undertaken to resolve these issues? We’d like to hear your stories. Please post it here!

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