• What You Need:
  • sewing machine
  • fleece fabric
  • scissor
  • chalk
  • measuring tape
  • thread and needle


Hey Guys! What’s up? Still feeling cold? Hand warmers are truly indispensable during the cold season. I could not live without them so I always make sure I have several pairs neatly tucked inside my drawer even before I need them. Aside from that, I take extra effort in sewing a few pairs that are fashionable enough to wear during meet-ups with my friends. In fact, I own a pair of fleece hand warmer which I made just last week. It took me about half a day to complete the project. But as soon as I tried them on my hands and saw how perfectly they fitted and how pretty they looked, I was quite proud of the painstaking effort I poured just to finish them.

Do you have other “body warmers” that you diy? Care to share it with us? I
appreciate it!

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Hand Warmers