• What You Need:
  • pallets
  • a pallet breaker or demolition tool
  • compost (bulky organic matter and concentrates)
  • power drill
  • screws (30mm, and 50mm)
  • staple gun
  • saw
  • damp proof course
  • hammer
  • stanley blade


Hey Guys! Who says it is hard to grow your own vegetables in an urban setting? Well, for me, it is as easy as counting from one to ten! Of course, a person needs to love what he is doing in order to come up with a rewarding harvest. I actually found it hard at first, but I was determined to do it because I wanted to produce a fresh harvest of vegetables for my daily salad recipes.

I learned an easy way of growing vegetables on my backyard by building a pallet raised bed. The materials for this project are really inexpensive and the compost I used is also homemade. This is also one of my ways to promote a frugal living to my family. Can you imagine how convenient and fulfilling it will be to get make your own salad just by going outside and washing some crisp and fresh vegetables? Being self sufficient does not only reduce cost of living but in a way it’s also fulfilling to be able to manage to derive your food just outside the garden!

Have some tips to tell us about how we to really infuse frugal living into a person’s lifestyle? Post your insights below!

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Pallet Raised Bed