• What You Need:
  • broom/sweeping materials
  • floor cleaning spray
  • a mop/ cleaning pad
  • floor polish/restorer


Hi there! As you can see -that is one awesome floor material right there. I can still remember when we have chores to be divided when we were still kids I particularly do not like polishing the floor -the wide wooden flooring we have.

Imagine the gloss and the shine right there is not something that you can achieve instantly -you definitely have to get the hardwork o making sure you wipe the floor as hard as you can and do it repeatedly until you get the results you are looking for. Of course, when the wooden planks is not in their great shape due to maybe it has not been waxed or wiped for some time, that will still affect the speed as to when the floorings will start to get flossy.

Getting tired already? Don’t be. For this tutorial will help you understand a better way to deal with this real -time consuming housekeeping chores.

Glossy and Shiny floor