• What You Need:
  • mason jar or a bottle
  • some glitter glue
  • some chunky and fine glitter


Test that Glittery Magic! Children tend to be attracted to colorful glitters…and to the idea of magic. So what happens if these two are combined? Abracadabra! “poof” -we have a Glitter Calming Jar!

This is great. Now, I know what to do with my spare glass bottles at home. Credits for this post goes to Natalie of doodlecraft.blogspot.com! She shared one particular thing that moms will surely find helpful. This glitter calming jar can used for helping fidgety and tantrum-prone children to keep calm. The idea of using a jar or bottle filled with chunky and fine glitters for calming children seems simple, and yet, when I tried it on my three year old son, I found it really magical. Of course, I do not claim that it would have the same effect for all children. But I guess it is worth trying if you think you can’t handle your kid’s tantrums easily.

Do you think this Glitter Calming Jar will work for your kids? Why or why not? We’d like to know your feedback!

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Glitter Calming Jar