• What You Need:
  • 14" diameter grill
  • 4 sections of 14" inside diameter concrete tree ring
  • 6 sections of 24" inside diameter concrete tree ring
  • 2 cu feet of small stones, pebbles, road gravel or decorative rock


Cozy! Everyone especially during the winter season wants to feel cozy and- nothing spells coziness better than a lavish outdoor fire-pit that not only suits your needs but meets your budget as well.

Lovely as it looks, it won’t chew off much of your budget since the investment is just anywhere from $50 to $80. One of the food things about this fire-pit is that you can absolutely consider this as an added garden fixture. Just look for that nice spot within the garden or backyard and you are ready to go! Concrete Tree rings are inexpensive pieces but they do well on the job in terms of construction of such fire pits. If you have some extra on your pocket, you can still upgrade this craft into better looking pits with the use of more decorative rocks and stones.

If you are to construct your own fire-pit, what added fixtures do you think will best match this installation?