• What You Need:
  • old T-shirts or tank tops in assorted colors (say, used three ribbed tank tops)
  • scissors


Hey! How are you? I want to introduce you to projects that are easy to create, inexpensive and most of nature friendly since we are to do recycled works and craft. Right now it is the DIY T-shirt Dog Toy!

We all know every dog like playing with their owners most especially when they came from work or maybe from a vacation. This is a neat project that will also make you realize that toys for pets doesn’t really have to be expensive or even costly. With this craft you can just use different multi- colored shirt which aren’t being used anymore. This will really make a nice fit if your doggie loves playing fetch or maybe just chewing around for fun!

Have a great Day! đŸ™‚

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DIY T-shirt Dog Toy!