• What You Need:
  • a cardstock with a slight gloss on one side
  • tape or a large shipping label.
  • spray paint
  • design/shape of choice or chevron template
  • printer
  • scissors
  • picture frame


Hi Everyone! I just moved in to a studio-type workplace, and as I looked at its bare walls, I felt rather dreary. I knew I had to start putting on some decors on the walls but I did not know where to start. You see, I am not a classy designer type of person. But I have a good edge on creativity. I can choose elegant kind of wall arts and beautifully made paintings. But since I do not have enough budget to buy decorations, I guess I need to make use of the Internet and extract a few inspiring art ideas from some creative authors. Well, that’s what I usually do when I need to make something and I do not have ideas how to accomplish my tasks. Here’s what I found: DIY Spray Paint Art!

I looked at the posted photos of the wall arts made of spray paints, I was quite amazed. The DIY Spray Paint Art looked simple…and yet they were classy. My great thanks goes to homemadebycarmona.blogspot.com and owner, Ursula for sharing your nifty diy crafts with us! Keep it up! Anyway, going back, since I’m interested to find out whether I could make a wall art like the ones she posted on her blog, I started to prepare the things I need. It was mainly composed of cardstocks with slight gloss on one side, and of course a spray paint which is preferably gold in color. I decided to make the arrowhead art, since I found it easy to make arrowhead designs. Besides, I just have to choose from the arrowhead templates on the Microsoft Word and then print it out. I followed all the steps until I was surprised with the result of my work. I never expected I could actually produce a simple wall art that is so lovely! Well, of course I can say that because it’s my own work, and as simple as it might be, I am really proud of my own DIY Spray Paint Art.

How about you guys? Do you have any design or template you want to share with us with regards to this project? We’d love to learn from you too! Thanks.

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DIY Spray Paint Art