• What You Need:
  • pencil pouch
  • some zebra felt
  • a button


Hi Everyone! Pencil pouches are very important especially to students. If you are the creative and resourceful type of person, you may like the idea of making a custom DIY Pencil Pouch!

This DIY Pencil Pouch that is more personalized and very inexpensive at the same time. There is a no-sew type of pencil pouch made of either an old cereal box or a baggie with a slide lock. Both of these types of materials could carry lightweight items only, such as pens, pencils, small set of crayons or pieces of flashcards. I’d like to thank our friends over at thecountrychiccottage.net for sharing to us this fabulous piece! You guys are great! Also these pouches, can be custom-designed with the use of foam sticky letters and other dainty decorations.

Do you have any methods of doing your own custom DIY Pencil Pouch? Please post it here! Thanks in advance!

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DIY Pencil Pouch