• What You Need:
  • tin snips
  • heavy-duty gloves
  • marker
  • 7 inch tall (18 cm) / 6 ¼ inch (15 cm) in diameter can (10 CAN) with lid
  • 2 large 28 oz (800 ml) cans
  • fiberglass insulation


Feeling like eating grilled barbecue or bacon outside the house? No problem! We have all the grilling issues covered. Take a look at this DIY Outdoor Stove!

It’s really easy and effective for outside use whether you are on a family outing, camping or just enjoying yourselves outside the house, this baby can take care of all your cooking needs. The process might require some cutting techniques for the tin can so just make sure to watch yourself to avoid unnecessary injuries. I want you to take a close look on the design. We have a feeder system for wood and other combustible materials you can find and the main stove section where you put your pots, grill pans or fryers.

If you are to dine outside the house with some friends using this DIY Outdoor Stove, what are you cooking?

DIY Outdoor Stove