• What You Need:
  • owlbox template
  • scissors
  • glue


Hi Everyone! I’d like to create a paper art for my daughter’s project at school. Anyway, I tried checking online to see something that’s adorable, crafty yet easy to make. Finally I was able to search for this: Paper Box Owl!

A Paper Box Owl can be used as very cute container for food stuff such as
candies or any small item giveaways. You can easily do this by searching for owl patterns on websites that have craft and origami ideas. Such patterns should be downloaded and printed out. Then you just have to follow the instructions for folding it. Another option is by making use of some small boxes. For this type of paper box owl, you need additional supplies such as cardstocks of different colors, glue pen, and bits of decorative stuff. Use all these materials to make an image of an owl and glue the appropriate decorations to achieve the result you want!

Do you have some paper projects that you do find interesting? We’ll be so glad to learn about it! Just put your comments below.

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Paper Box Owl