• What You Need:
  • wooden board (1″ x 8″ x 6-7′ long)
  • stain or paint
  • polyurethane
  • number stencils
  • pencil and black Sharpie (or paint if you prefer)
  • tape measure and ruler
  • level
  • nails or screws


Hey guys! How are we doing today? Moms like me get really excited when it comes to monitoring how kids do in the developmental stages that they go through. I am especially thrilled whenever I observe that my toddler gets taller and bigger as days go by. So while I was surfing through the net, I saw a practical idea: a DIY Growth Chart!

Doing this height chart could both serve as a nice home decoration and of course, a perfect tool to measure my daughter’s height from time to time. I can still remember since we do not have this chart at home, we used to mark my children’s height using markers or pens while we held either a tape measure or measuring stick against the wall. The thing is, we are left with unpleasant looking height marks on one part of our wall. Some of them are labeled and even multicolored! Just imagine that! It just looked so untidy. I had no choice but to actually get rid of the marks. If you have made the same mistake as I did, I strongly suggest that you consider making this DIY Growth Chart as an alternative. You can easily and precisely measure your kid’s height while at the same time keeping your walls free from unnecessary markings.

With that helpful article, I was able to get an inspiration for the perfect kind of DIY Growth Chart that’s not only functional yet stylish to display as well for our home. My special thanks goes to our good friend, Andrea of andreadekker.com for sharing with us this unique diy piece! Thanks Andrea. Your work is simply ..Awesome! Feel free to visit her blog for the step by step procedures of getting your own DIY Growth Chart for your kiddos!

How about you guys? Do you happen to have this same project at home? Can you share us your stories about marking your kid’s height every year? Thanks in advance!

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DIY Growth Chart