• What You Need:
  • 2 x 10" x 2.75" natural bristle broom heads
  • phone charging cable
  • 8 x stick-on rubber feet
  • scissors


Times Up! We will no longer be accepting answers for the challenge. For those who didn’t make it on time, feel free to join next week! And now for the main event ..the Upcycle Project this Week is: an Easy Desk Organizer! (made of that bristle broom!)

Nothing can match your productivity if you keep your things organized. From arranging your desktop icons, to having an organized worksation in an office or home, to a carpenter planning to build a house or a chef cooking a meal, getting things in their proper places is very important. It is more likely that you find what you need for a certain task much effectively and get access to the applications that you require easily by just putting things in order! Can you just agree to that?

This Desk Organizer is very easy to create and the items needed for you to get one of these are just basically lying around the house. With this ingenious and one of kind diy project, Desk Organizer, cleaning up your work desk is just as easy as breeze. Also you can find the cellphone charger a bit handy too which wire connectors are designed and installed discretely at the bottom of the Desk Organizer. A nice looking table top decor with a very essential role of keeping your work area clean! Isn’t that just fantastic?

I’d guess when I already have time to create one of this for my own desk, I’ll pretty much paint it green like grass and brownish black for the base just like the soil. I want it too look as natural as it is. I can definitely have an organizer that can match my wallpaper too(nature..). Do you have any custom ideas for your own Desk Organizer? Then we would definitely love to hear your precious ideas! Please feel free to post it here.

Anyway, thanks for all our participants this week! I strongly encourage to check our site from time to time for more creative challenges and nifty ideas that will inspire to repurpose old and unreusable items! Til next week! Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Desk Organizer