• What You Need:
  • hollow cardboard letter
  • box cutter
  • breathing mask
  • disposable gloves
  • 2 plastic spoons
  • 2 disposable plastic bowls
  • disposable cup
  • concrete mix
  • cement color
  • water


Aside from writing, I have a flair for creating different sorts of hand-made stuff and I continually gather ideas about any do-it-yourself decorative project like this one: Concrete Letters!

While I was visiting the house of a friend, the concrete letters of his name that was displayed on a shelf caught my attention. I badly wanted to make one for myself and so I did some research. It was a good thing that I found the right resource online from witandwhistle.com, courtesy of creative author Amanda. Thanks a lot!

When I saw that the needed materials were easy to produce and the procedures for making such diy concrete letters were fairly simple, I decided to start the project right away.

If you are to make this craft, what letters or words are you going to create? Mind if you tell us why? Thanks in advance!

To get complete details and illustrations about this project, please visit —>

Concrete Letters