• What You Need:
  • long 10 foot pieces of wood (1 X1/2-2 in. thick)
  • table saw or miter saw
  • nail or screw and power drill
  • wooden slats
  • pvc pipe
  • larger beach umbrella
  • wood paint
  • 20-30 bags of play sand


Hi there! Summertime is near! My three kids and I would want to experience some sort of a beach setting, so in the meantime that we cannot go to a nearby beach, creating our own sandbox in our backyard would be perfect. With very few tutorials on how to do it yourself found online, this one site, danamadeit.com really hit the spot about what we needed!

If you want some fun in the sand, castle building contest –you might need some moisture on the sand to get it to its best molding shape. Of course, you do not want to over-water the sand so a few bottle sprays will do.

The sandbox is perfect with the beach type setup with matching umbrellas on the side too. Now my kids and I can play all weekend long in our own personal backyard beach sandbox, courtesy to Dana of danamadeit.com. Your works are just awesome! There is literally no need for us to go out of town to take the kids for summer!

How about you? Do you have plans summer already? Can you share it with us?

To get complete details and illustrations about this project, please visit —>

Backyard Sandbox